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Goodbye It's Time For Africa

by Olesia June 30 2014, 14:45 Kenya Georgia

Hello dear friends! My today's post is a bit sad because it is the last post published in the blog called It's Time For Africa.

The idea of my blog appeared when I was still a student a couple of years ago but the realization became possible no sooner than after our (my husband's and mine) arrival to Kenya.

When my friends got to know that I would live in Kenya for a year they started pity me. I felt uncomfortable and decided to change their opinion about this country.

I knew and understood that Kenya is a many-sided country with lots of pros and cons. There were so many things that I loved and, at the same time, there were countless things that I hated.

However, being a foreigner in a country, I find it impolitely to point to weak sides. Therefore I tried to be Kenya's advocate and supporter.

Thus there are about 55 blogs about Kenya in my blog.

While living in Nairobi we had traveled outside of Africa. We have been to the United States, UAE, Jordan and Zanzibar.

Nairobi Serena Hotel, November 2012

Nairobi Serena Hotel, November 2012

I had left Kenya for good in September last year. Since that time I have still been publishing posts about our traveling experience in Kenya in a blog called It's Time For Africa. But now another chapter of our life started and I will be glad to continue sharing it with you.

Since late October we (now there are three of us:) have been living in Tbilisi, Georgia, It's No More Time For Africa.

So, the new version of my blog will have ANOTHER NAME and it will be BILINGUAL.

Kazbegi, January 2014

Kazbegi, January 2014

Thank you for reading my blog!

Next time please welcome NEW VERSION of my blog.


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