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by Olesia December 12 2012, 13:31

Hello everybody!

Long time no see. I had so many things to do these days. Every year we have lots of stuff to finish before the new year coming and to make the arrangements about celebrating Christmas and New year. And as well as 5 last New Year's Eves I spent in different countries it may become a tradition to travel for Christmas holidays.

So this year we will also travel to... (now this is a secret) but I will tell you about the DESTINATION in one of my next posts. So KEEP CALM AND READ MY BLOG.

Moreover we are moving into a new flat here in Nairobi so I needed to pack a lot of personal things and belongigs. Unfortunately we have something about a week to move so I need to be quick.

But today as well as I remembered the date (12.12.2012) I decided to put everything aside and write a post dedicated to it.


I belive that dates like this are rare and it's fare to make withes on this day. I made a wish too and I want to tell you about it.

Living in our modern mostly consuming societies we dream mostly about material things (iPhone, iPad, cars, appartments, expensive things to buy and luxe places to travel to). But is it really so important? If you are healthy, wealthy and have no other problems to deal with, maybe.

Thinking about what is important and what isn't I remembered two women that are my role models in many aspects of my life.

One, is my beloved aunt Oxana. She is an amazing woman, and was an example for me since I was a toddler. Oxana was always beautiful and caring, understanding and tender. And I always wished to be as beautiful as she was. That's the way I always remembered her up to the moment when this tender woman was challenged by her child's health problems. My aunt (with the help of her loving family) managed to challange the illness and beat it. She didn't give up and for the second time she gave me another example how to appreciate every day with your family, how to stay strong no matter what. Now when I am not a toddler any more I wonder how could Oxana stayed the way I remembered her no matter how big and serious her problems were. How could she stay so feminine, incredibly beautiful, carrying and tender woman, loving mother and wife. Maybe because she always knows and remembers what is important every day of her life.

Another person of the most important people in my life is my close Armenian friend Sona who set me an example how to treat people: how to love and care about your family, how to be a great friend and amazing understanding wife. This woman is good to every single person in her life, her heart is open to all people in need whether it is a friend of hers or a total stranger. She helps people a lot, and this is not an action of kindness once or twice in a period of time, this is her daily basis, this is her everyday life. Sona showed me what the real friend is. Unfortunately she is also challenged by her little boy's health problems. I knew her before she became a mother and wife, I know her now. And she does stay the way she was before. Watching her now it's like getting a lesson from your life. Sona's always confident, smiling, optimistic. I think she just doesn't know the meaning of the phrase "to give up", this phrase is definitely not a part of her lexicon.

Thinking a lot about this two wonderful strong women I am always grateful to have them as a part of my life. I am so proud of them, their big hearts and open minds. I appreciate every single second I spend with my only aunt and my closest friend. And I always pray for them and their families. That is why this post is a dedication to these strong personalities which are my role models in life.

So today I made A WISH. I wish every single child on this planet was healthy and happy, had a loving and caring family. I wish every one of you appreciated your beloved ones, your family and friends. I wish people knew what is important in this life.

This is my dream.


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